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  • Virtual Garden Party

    CUAMS will be holding a virtual version of our annual garden party this year. In lieu of Jesus Green, we will be celebrating on our Discord voice channel! For those not yet in the CUAMS Discord, you can join with the official CUAMS discord server link here.

  • Easter Term Meeting Cancellations

    As you are probably aware, we will be unable to meet for Easter term as the university will remain closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, this means that we will not be able to finish the shows that were scheduled for the Easter term in official CUAMS meetings.

  • Bonus Meeting with ARU Anime Society

    A bonus meeting has been booked for the last Thursday of term, the 5th of March. It is to be a joint meeting with the Anglia Ruskin Anime Society, and some time will be spent getting to know their members, and maybe playing some cards with them.

  • Manga Workshop at the UL & Schedule Update

    Schedule Update: Kekkai Sensen episode 11 was brought forward to today’s meeting, so next week (23rd February) we will be watching just episode 12, which is double length.

    We have been contacted by the University Library about a Manga Workshop they want to run:​ ​

  • Results of the AGM

    The Annual General Meeting occurred on Tuesday, where we elected a new committee who will serve the society for the year ahead. Thank you to everyone who was present and participated, it ran very smoothly.

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