New Committee, and a Pub Meet Friday!

Hello everyone, this is George, your new CUAMS Webmaster!

At our AGM, we decided upon a new committee: we gave Jacob a warm welcome as our new president, and I am confident CUAMS will continue to thrive under his watchful eye.

The committee is generally the same as last time, although our previous president Ethan has stepped down, and I have replaced Bernard as Webmaster – he is now secretary.

For reference our current committee is:

President: Jacob

Secretary: Bernard

Treasurer: Ayshini

Food Lord: Piers

Webmaster: George

External Officer: Elliot

Social Secretaries: Peter and Haoran

In other news, we have an exciting event planned at the end of this week: one of our world-famous pub meets! This Friday (24/02) at the Castle Inn pub (Google Maps link attached), starting at 7pm.

We’re going to be staying for a few hours, so don’t feel like you have to show up dead on time, and by the same token there is no issue with showing up to say hi then dropping out! The kitchen will be open until 9pm, so there is a lot of opportunity to order food).

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

On a more personal note, I’m thankful for the committee for giving me this opportunity. This is my first time running a blog or anything like that, so I am excited to give this a try! I have some archival projects planned over the coming months which I hope people will find some value in.

CUAMS Webmaster,