Easter term heads-up

(Copied from announcement sent on 14/04/2024)

Hi all, hope everyone working hard prepping for exams is doing well and wish you all the best for whatever is coming up. Here are some quick updates on what’s coming up for CUAMS in Easter term:

Provisionally planned Easter events

  1. Spontaneous pub meets and picnics etc. (Organised here on Discord)
  2. WED 01-MAYThe Apothecary Diaries EP 13-18
  3. WED 08-MAYThe Apothecary Diaries EP 19-24
  4. WED 15-MAYAnthem of the Heart (Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda)
  5. SAT 08-JUNKaraoke (Date time TBC)
  6. Annual Garden Party (sometime in June after Exams depending on weather)

These are planned as an attempt by the committee to best fit the preferences given the room and time constraints, so if you have any suggestions or thoughts feel free to drop a message/have a quick discussion with others, whether it is about the choice of shows to be screened or otherwise. We have revived the #schedule-discussion channel to make this easier.

Spontaneous meetings

We would like to encourage flexible spontaneous meetings since there are no annoying room booking hurdles. e.g. for smaller pub meets it should be fine to agree on a time and location and show up. And as the weather is getting better it’d also be nice to just grab some snack or drinks and have a chat with your fellow anime enjoyers in the open air touch grass. There is an #events channel for posts or just #general can be used for quick proposals, perhaps improvements could be made to the channels but we will see how it goes for now.


All 3 meetings are booked at the Castlereagh Room, Fisher Building, St John’s College 19:00-23:00 as usual, and only 3 since Exams are ramping up after Week 4. Given the limited number of meetings we only have enough time to finish at most one TV series (of 12 eps) if we decide to do so. The provisional choice is set on 2 meetings to finish The Apothecary Diaries (Kusuriya no Hitorigoto) based on comments from the frequent members who turned up to the screenings last term, and the last meeting for a movie of choice. Although we do realise for people who weren’t able to come last term or have already watched the show but are still interested in weekly meetings, this schedule could be quite constraining. Thus if you have any thoughts we’d love to hear it.


Booking with the SU TBC, but if all goes well it will be 15:00-19:00 at the SU Lounge, University Centre, Mill lane (and probably followed by pub meet). Details coming closer to the date.

Garden Party

Usually on Jesus Green, all are welcome to join, but we do take a small charge to cover the cost of the BBQ if you choose to opt in for the food.

Get Hyped,