Main Lent Term Meetings Begin

In case you didn’t know, regular Lent meetings are starting today (the 1st of February) at 7pm in Keynes Hall, King’s College. We’ll be beginning Rokka no Yusha, Golden Time and Tatami Galaxy.

We are also announcing that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Friday the 18th of February, also in Keynes Hall.

The AGM is where we elect the new committee for the next year, and consists of the following positions: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster, Food Lord, External Officer, and Social Secretary. To see what each position is responsible for, see the list of roles on the society wiki (username is “cuams”, ask somebody for the password). If you are interested in running for a role, please chat to one of the current committee members, either in person or on Discord, so we can keep track of who is running for which places in advance.

Committee positions are stood for by presenting videos, comic strips, or any other format that’s deemed acceptable by the committee. These are usually light-hearted parodies about CUAMS or anime in general and do not need to be overly serious or carefully thought out. Please send (or show) them to the Secretary by noon on the day of the AGM to confirm you’re running, and then you will be able to present it during the AGM – either the copy you sent the Secretary or bring via USB.