First Meeting of Lent Term

We hope everyone had a happy holidays and a relaxing break, and we’re excited to welcome you all back.

With Lent term approaching there is a new set of weekly shows which will be beginning soon, but some people have mock exams in the first week of term and we don’t want them to miss the start of new shows – so the first meeting of term, on Tuesday the 18th of January, will be a bonus meeting. This will be happening at 7:00pm in our usual room at King’s College. We will be showing the three Baccano! OVAs followed by three random first episodes from three as-of-yet undecided anime.

These three shows will be decided by member suggestions, and then a vote on the day itself, so if you’re planning to come along feel free to make a suggestion on the form here. The show must be available on CrunchRoll in the UK, and we won’t accept any suggestions which are too graphically violent or sexual. Maybe try to pick something you think would be interesting for people to get a taster of, or just a personal favourite you’d enjoy watching an episode of.

Standard weekly meetings for the term will begin on the 1st of February, at which we will be watching Golden Time, Rokka no Yusha and Tatami Galaxy. These too will be happening in Keynes Hall in King’s College. Because Golden Time is 24 episodes, we will only get through the first half of the show this term, and we’ll be continuing with it in Easter term.

We can’t wait to see you all again for another great term!