Freshers’ Squash 2021

Hello and welcome to all freshers who signed up during the Freshers’ Fair! We hope you’ll enjoy your time at Cambridge, and consider becoming a regular at CUAMS in the future! We’d also like to welcome back all the returning members of the society!

Regular scheduled meetings will start soon, but before that there is the Freshers’ Squash where we’ll be showing the award-winning Studio Trigger film, Promare! This will be on Tuesday the 12th of October at 7-10pm, and is being held in Upper Hall 2, Fitzwilliam College. It’s Room 13 on this map, and as you can see people can enter via either entrance, but to get through North Entrance you’ll have to ring the doorbell to contact the porters (explain that you’re here for the event in Upper Hall 2 then they’ll let you in). The film is a high energy action adventure that has something for everyone, and there will be time to socialise both before and after the screening.

While the society is excited to be holding in-person events again, we remain cautious of the ongoing Covid-19 situation and must abide by Fitzwilliam Collegee’s rules about large gatherings. The main points of this are to respect a 1m+ social distance from others and wear a face mask unless eating or drinking. The hall currently has a capacity limit of 72 people, and for that reason everyone who intends to come is asked to fill out this Google form.

This event is free, as are all CUAMS meetings, but we would appreciate it those who intend to come regularly pay the membership fees of £10 per year (or £4 per term). Being a member lets you vote for the committee in the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and will enter you into the raffle for a chance to win Blu-Rays, DVDs, and other goodies we get from the industry! The society does not run for profit, so all funds go towards buying the snacks, sourcing shows and other operating costs.

Regular meetings will be starting the week after the Squash, where we will be watching Baccano, Yuri on Ice and Kakushigoto across term. Expect more details about that soon, here and in an email.

To keep in touch with the members of the society, feel free to join our Discord Server, which is the primary way society members communicate. It’s fairly active, so if you want to discuss which seasonal anime look good, old favourites, or your ever-growing plan-to-watch list, go ahead and join in! Also make sure you’re on the mailing list and keep and eye out for emails.