Michaelmas Term 2020 Begins

A big thank you and welcome to everyone who attended the Freshers’ Squash! The committee has never had to coordinate an online meeting like that before, but it worked out well and it was great to see everone chatting together on the server.

Regular anime and manga meetings are now beginning, with the first Tuesday anime meeting tomorrow (the 20th of October), and the first manga book club on Sunday (the 25th of October). Details about the shows are on the Meetings page. and the schedule of when we are watching/reading specific episodes or chapters is on the Schedule page.

Tomorrow we will be watching the first two episodes of: Given, Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken and Houseki no Kuni. As with the Freshers’ Squash, there are two ways to join in, both on Discord. You can watch these episodes in advance and join us later to discuss the shows and to chat in general, or you can start watching at the same time as others at 7pm (when an in-person meeting would have started). For those watching in the second way, we will likely take breaks between the different shows, so don’t worry too much about falling out of sync.

For the first manga book club this Sunday, we will be covering The Gods Lie (Kamisama ga Uso wo Tsuku) by Kaori Ozaki. We will be discussing the full manga at the meeting (which will be on Discord like the anime meetings) so please read it by then if you’d like to take part. The later titles that the manga book club reads will be decided by community vote, so think before the first meeting if there is anything you want to suggest.