Manga Workshop at the UL & Schedule Update

Schedule Update: Kekkai Sensen episode 11 was brought forward to today’s meeting, so next week (23rd February) we will be watching just episode 12, which is double length.

We have been contacted by the University Library about a Manga Workshop they want to run:​

To mark the 2020 Olympics in Japan, the UL will run an exhibition on the “Culture and Art of the Samurai” as part of their “Summer at the Museums” events. Among other things related to Japan, they also want to run a Manga Drawing Workshop for families, and they have appealed to us for potential volunteers.​

They have held similar events for cover/book illustration and cartonera but would appreciate the assistance of those more familiar with manga for this workshop.​ The event will take place over the Summer Vacation with the workshops most likely in August.​

If this sounds interesting to you, and you would be willing to help the UL with running this workshop over the holidays, please email the Secretary ( by the end of February, and he will discuss further with the UL if there’s interest.​