Freshers’ Squash 2019/20

Our first official meeting of the year, the Freshers’ Squash, will be held on Saturday 19th October, 7-10pm, Bowett Room, Queens’ College (directions here).

The line-up will include four short OVAs: the Daicon III and IV opening animations, produced by staff who would later form Gainax; Dareka no Manazashi; a short film by Makoto Shinkai; and Shelter, a Porter Robinson music video animated by A-1 Pictures). This will be followed by our main feature for the night, Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms, the directorial debut of Mari Okada (previously known for shows such as Anohana and Nagi no Asakura), animated by P.A. Works. Thank you to AllTheAnime for allowing us to screen this visually-stunning and emotionally-poignant film.

The Freshers’ Squash, like all of our regular meetings, is absolutely free (and there will be snacks)! However, society membership will be up for purchase at the low, low price of £10 for the year (or £4 per term). We don’t operate for profit, so all membership fees go straight back into the society i.e. towards purchasing the variety of supermarket-quality snacks we make available to members at each meeting. Members will also be entered into our annual Fresher’s Squash raffle, drawn at the end of the night. Prizes include Blu-Rays and other goodies provided to us by our generous industry sponsors.

We hope to see you on the 19th!