Freshers’ Squash

The first meeting of the year is our freshers’ squash next Tuesday, on 15 October, from 7 pm to 10 pm. Everyone is welcome, and we’ll show two great anime films, Little Witch Academia and Paprika, as well as provide snacks and drinks. We will even have prizes up for grabs for those who sign up and pay their membership fees (£10/year or £4/term, which cover the snacks we have at every meeting!) during the night.

The squash will be held in the Bowett Room of Queens’ College, and to get there, you need to follow the directions on this map. When you are inside the building circled on the map, simply go up the stairs that you’ll have on your right. This is the place where we’ll have almost all of our Tuesday meetings this term. Our Sunday meetings are held in the Umney Lounge of Robinson College; see the Sunday meeting page for directions.