Changes to the Schedule

Firstly, we apologise for the disruption to last week’s Thursday meeting. We have checked with King’s, and the very noisy group who was in Keynes Hall
last week will not be there again for the next couple of weeks, so meeetings will continue to be in the Chetwynd Room until further notice. If you
missed our move up to the Mumby Room, you’ll probably want to get caught up as soon as possible. To do so, get in contact with a
committee member or come on to IRC.

The other change to the schedule is that Sunday meetings will now be from 3pm to 6pm rather than the usual 4pm to 7pm. This is because someone
has booked the room from 6:30pm, and we want to give ourselves a bit of extra time to get packed up at the end so there isn’t quite such a rush. Hopefully
this doesn’t inconvenience anyone too much.