Lent Term

Welcome back to Cambridge; hopefully everyone’s well rested from the Christmas break. The first main change to CUAMS
this term is that main meetings are now on Fridays, not Thursdays. Unfortunately this is due to room-booking circumstances outside
of our control, and we apologise if it clashes with any other Friday commitments people might have. The first main meeting of term is on
Friday, 28th January, and remains in the Chetwynd Room. Sunday meetings start on Sunday, 23rd January, and are in every respect
the same as they were last term. More complete information can be found on the schedule page.

For anyone who wasn’t able to attend meetings last term, but is thinking about coming along this term, we’re watching several new
series, especially on Sundays, where we’ll be starting Kimi ni Todoke and Shiki. Now is therefore a great time to come along
and see if you like us, with no commitment to pay any membership fees until you’ve been to a few meetings. If you do feel like catching up
with any of the continuing series, you can get in contact with a member of the committee who will be able to
sort you out.

One of the important events this term is the AGM, which happens in the fifth week, and the only really important bit of that is the committee
changeover. Xanth will still be around (although as always, he wouldn’t mind getting rid of the president position that has been his for about
eight years now), but our webmaster and treasurer are both graduating, and there’s a significant possibility that we’ll also lose our catering manager and
secretary, as well as most of the people who currently carry equipment to and from meetings. We would therefore be very grateful if anyone
interested in doing any of the committee positions or just helping out generally by carrying things would get in contact with Xanth, as it
is quite important for the society that we fill our committee positions.