I hope you’ve all had a good break over the Christmas holidays but the new term is right around the corner and so we can now announce our schedule for Lent term. We’re watching all new shows so if you’re new to CUAMS or didn’t get to come to meetings last term, this is the perfect time to start.

Tuesday meetings will be starting on the 22nd January with Spice and Wolf, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Kids on the Slope. Sunday meetings will be starting on the 20th with Oregairu, Ga-Rei-Zero and SHIROBAKO. The meetings are all at the same time as last term and most are again in the Bowett Room in Queens’ College. However, there will be some room changes in the second half of term that you can see the full details of on our schedule page along with which episodes we will be watching each week so you can catch up if you miss a meeting.

We’ll also be starting off the term with a bonus meeting on Tuesday 15th January 7-10pm in DD47 in Queens’ College (the seminar room we had some meetings in last term). We’ll be watching the Ancient Magus’ Bride OVAs (which are standalone to the main series) and Doukyuusei. It’s a great opportunity to come along to a meeting to try out CUAMS if you’d like a taster before the main term starts.

Finally, the Discord server is hosting a small anime of the year contest for fun where CUAMS members can vote for their favourite shows of last year. It’s still accepting nominations until 9pm tonight when the voting will begin. If you’d like to join in, you can view the contest here and, if you’re not in it already, you should join the Discord server to discuss the results.